Doremi2017 Artist, CAROLINA RODRIGUES (nominated by ACAVA, London)

Focus on Carolina Rodrigues, nominated by ACAVA

Image1From the series InterIctal2016
From the series Interical
wood and pigment

“Wooden sculptures bent and carved almost to the limit. These limits and recesses summon up a deep-felt sense of the intangible but also their physical existence; creating a contradiction of presence and absence.

I work at different scales across series of work that can be materialized in sculptures, drawings and live installations such as my latest research project – planting and cataloging the specimens on the roof of the Merz Barn. My working process is very intuitive starting with gestures the works take shape. The gestures give body to memory; a topology of a feeling.

I allow for chance encounters during the making. My aim: to translate an experience without representing it and embrace the unknown to expand my experiences, knowledge and to evolve my perception of life.”

Carolina, originally from Portugal, now lives and works in London. She studied a Degree Fine Art-Painting at the Fine Art University of Lisbon, and an MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art.


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